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Recovery is Possible!

Skipping meals, "eating clean", or "watching your weight" are common pieces of dieting advice passed around in our current culture. These normalized behaviors can create a foundation for disordered eating patterns and eating disorders - both of which impact a person's relationship with food, exercise, body, and even faith. 


However, data shows us that physical, spiritual and psychological healing is possible. 

This is where our work together starts. 

Nutrition Counseling

Here at Devoted Recovery, we focus on creating a safe space for exploration of disordered eating patterns and encourage whole person healing by providing adequate nutrition for clients to experience true food freedom.

Eating Disorder Recovery


What comes to mind when you think of a dietitian? Do you think of someone who makes you feel badly about what you are eating or gives you rules on how to eat? That is not what you will find here. We provide weight-inclusive nutrition counseling to people of all body sizes, genders, races, and abilities. We have helped many clients find peace with their food, exercise and body in their eating disorder recovery. We want to help you too! 

Healthy Food

Let's Start Your Healing Journey


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