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Nutrition Counseling

Is Devoted Recovery individualized nutrition counseling right for me? 

Have you or your loved one been diagnosed with an eating disorder or suspect you may have an eating disorder?

Are you or your loved one engaging in disordered eating patterns: skipping meals/snacks, bingeing, purging, excessively working out, etc?  

Do you find that you or your loved one spend most of your days thinking/worrying about food? 

Are you or your loved one preoccupied with weight or body shape? 

Do you or your loved one struggle to eat adequate amounts of food (whether related to body image concerns or not)?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I want to help you!  

Services & Rates

Discovery Call (15 minutes)
Cost: Free


This call is a free service for you to ask me questions about myself, my nutrition philosophy, and approaches I use to treat eating disorders. While I offer faith based nutrition counseling services, you can opt for a typical (not faith based) nutrition counseling experience. Ultimately, this call is to see if I will be a good fit for your needs.  

Initial Assessment (60 minutes)
Cost: $160


Our work together will start with a comprehensive initial assessment. This will be a lengthy question and answer session to help me understand your personal history, your current behaviors and symptoms, your relationship with food and your body, any concerns or fears you have for the process. During this session, we will also explore your long term goals and start mapping our route to get there together using short term goals.


Follow Up Appointments (30-60 minutes)*
Cost: $80-$160


Our work together will continue during our follow up appointments. We will spend our time celebrating your successes and problem-solving around any dietary challenges you may experience. We will use progressive goal setting to help you cease eating disorder behaviors and meet your long term goals. 

Follow up appointments may include:

  • Individual appointments 

  • Family/support person appointments

  • Meal Coaching/Family Meal observation  

  • Exposure Sessions 

*Note: Session lengths can vary based on time needed to address eating disorder behaviors and/or financial need. 


Devoted Recovery is now accepting Cigna insurance. 


For those who do not have Cigna insurance, you can still access care at Devoted Recovery as a private pay client. I am partnered with a company called SuperBill that can help you both understand your out-of-network benefits and potentially get reimbursed by your insurance payer based on your insurance plan. 

If you are interested in learning more about your out-of-network benefits, you can get started by creating an account (for free!) and getting access to a benefits check in your patient portal. From there, I can upload your superbills to SuperBill who will work directly with your insurance payer to submit and track the claims until you get reimbursed. Our practice covers the cost of using SuperBill, making it a free service for you to use! If you have questions, I would be happy to set up a discovery call or you can email SuperBill directly at

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